Information, Expression and Computer voting.

This whole site is conceived as a tool for democratic expression, and to inform on subjects that are important for our society.

Using this site, you can express yourself in a somewhat unusual fashion and help in a democratic way to organize your Realm.

To do so, we necessarily use a computerized voting system, because this is a web site! However, unlike other democratic projects, we have no intention of helping substitute a computerized voting system to the real democratic expression that should not rely on such electronic tools.

As a matter of principle, the creator of this site is against the use of electronic voting during official elections (either via the internet or on a computer at the polling station. Even if the electronic voting machines were reliable (which they are far from being!), there is another unavoidable obstacle to fully democratize the use of the voting machines: only a very little minority of the people can certify that the machines are honestly and reliably doing the job they are supposed to do. Democracy would give way to a technocracy. Indeed: the most vocal opponents of computerized voting are precisely this small minority of technicians.

Having clarified this point, we are going to do our best to make this web site (and the voting tools it includes), the most fair and reliable as possible. We are going to strive to maintain the democratic aspect of this site's Realms (e.g. by finding means to prevent some people to register more than once).

However, the main objective of this site is educative. The real democratic action and expression takes place at your polling station, and face to face with your elected representatives.