Better voting systems (Emocracy)

When we speak about voting, we are used to think about the Plurality Vote whereby we can only select (vote for) a single candidate no matter how many candidates are running. This election method is, despite being very common, known by Election Methods experts for being a particularly bad system.

There are, however, numerous other voting systems that can be used and that give much better results. Soon, this site will offer an array of voting systems (Condorcet Voting, Approval Voting, Range Voting, etc.) in order to educate and inform people.

However, as of today, the democratic activity of this site will be facilitated by the use use of a voting method known as "Emocracy", which is fairly close to both Range Voting and Approval voting: it is a simple system, easy to understand and to use. It is efficient in showing the real opinion of the voters.

The major difference between Plurality voting and Emocracy is that instead of only being able to select a single candidate, the voters can express themselves very clearly on each candidate. For each choice or candidate, the voters can indeed express themeselves by selecting one of the four following options:

  • I like: this choice or candidate is perfectly acceptable.
  • I don't like: this choice or candidate is not acceptable at all.
  • I am indifferent: I could accept this choice or candidate. It is not my first choice, but I have nothing against it either.
  • I don't know: I do not know this choice or candidate. I would need more information before I can express myself otherwise.