A highly interactive site to discover different and better ideas

Listen to any politician speaking during an electoral campaign: they always seem to perfectly know what we think, what we really want: "The people are fed up of.... What they want is....".

minguo.info is a site which allows citizens to speak together, in order to be better heard.

The site is highly interactive, and is divided into different "democratic realms". The content and the organisation of each "realm" will be democratically decided by the active members of that realm.
At the beginning, there is only one English speaking "realm" (for the USA), but new realms for other English speaking countries can be created on demand.

In each realm, the members can come together and vote on different topics but using slightly unusual voting systems. Members can ask questions, add answers, and vote on those answers. Thus, new ideas can be proposed, and a consensus will emerge out of the democratic debate.