Improved support for anonymous votes & plans for community polls.


This entry is about a small step in a wider effort to improve the handling of both personal polls and community polls.

I have improved the way the system handles votes from anonymous users. I have strengthened the algorithm to prevent ballot stuffing by unauthenticated submissions.

When creating a poll, a member has the choice to allow anonymous visitors to vote or not. Eventually, I want to create two types of polls:

  • personal polls
  • community polls

When creating a personal poll, the creator will be able to control every aspect of it: the election method used (as is already the case), who can vote (id.), the polling question, the possible answers, the poll start and end time (to do), etc.

On the other hand, a community poll will be controlled by each Free Association within the site. The poll will not "belong" to the poll creator, but to the community, which will be able to discuss the exact polling question (according to a process to be defined), when the poll starts, ends, etc. In addition, the members will be allowed to edit (wiki style) the summary of the discussion so far on the poll.

Stay tuned.

Thank you for your active support.