Join the USA Free Association

In the FA/DP discussion group, I posted the following comment:

On Thursday 01 November 2007 10:47, Abd ul-Rahman Lomax wrote:
> is an FA/DP organization or has at least endorsed
> the concept, and does have a DP engine in place.

Thank you Adb for the reference.

raphfrk: please join the USA FA/DP at .
Later, when the USA FA is well developed and we have several interested Irish members, we can create an Irish FA/DP within, too. is *the* site that has the *potential* to make both FA/DP and better election methods (AV, RV, etc.) popular. It is not nearly there yet. That's why I spend time reaching out to other communities so that we can cooperate (creating a symbiosis between and their site).

I need your help, too. So if you care about making better voting systems popular, and if you want to take part in an exciting FA/DP experiment, please actively promote You can do like Clay did: he asked many of his friends and relatives to sign in and chose him as a proxy. Clay will then be able to communicate with his 'clients' about the progress of the experiment.

I am still working on improving the software. Also, you may not all agree on all the design decisions I am making, but I am sure that once we reach a large audience, developers who may not have otherwise heard of FA/DP will start the next generation of FA/DP experiments (both online and offline) which will improve on what I did right and correct what I did wrong.