Proxy voting will be implemented next

It was always planned to implement some kind of proxy voting at
I always thought I would do it "when there will be many active users".

However, after some email exchanges with Abd ul-Rahman (Daniel) Lomax and Jan Kok, I have come to realize that proxy voting is important to allow busy people to still contribute to and express their opinion without having to spend too much time doing it.

Basically, an interested person can

  1. register at his chose Realm,
  2. choose a proxy between existing members,
  3. come back once a month to see how their proxy voted,
  4. update some votes,
  5. see other members' contributions
  6. and, possibly, change proxy.

You might be interested in reading Beyond Politics: Realms are designed like Free Associations with Delegable Proxy. Understanding those pages will tell you where each Realm is headed.

This is also the solution for an increased public participation in public affairs.