They are not Wikipedia

Wikipedia is a great source of information on general topics. However, it has largely been criticized for its inability to value and incorporate expert opinion. Also, wikipedia can be the worst source of information on some controversial topics. On such topics, I usually learn more from the talk pages than from the article itself.

As a result, some web sites are being created that present themselves as an alternative to wikipedia, trying to avoid the big sister's pitfalls.

One such alternative is the Encyclopedia of Earth: .

Another project that caught my attention is Citizendium:'t_Wikipedia

What's the connection with minguo? you may ask.

In the *long* term, I am thinking to create another FA within minguo where people are required to provide their real identity, like they do here:
Minguo is about education and experimentation. Such a FA could be created as the next step in the experiment should the main FA become successful... and the membership controversial (although, as always, I will do my best to implement technical means of avoiding sock-puppetry).

Also, when minguo will be relatively successful, developers who may not have otherwise heard of FA/DP may be inspired to start the next generation of FA/DP experiments (both online and offline) which will improve on what I did right and correct what I did wrong, just like a new generation of wikipedias is being born right now.