New server and new domains (from to

Two important things happened recently.

First, I have migrated the whole domain onto a new, dedicated server. The domain used to be hosted on a shared server whose configuration was far from ideal, preventing me from doing some simple maintenance tasks. Thus, I decided to move the whole web site onto a new dedicated server. Already, the move has allowed me to fix some long-standing little bugs. More importantly for you, I am now in a much better position to continue the development of the minguo software, so in the coming weeks and months, you shall see some new little features.

Secondly, since I now control the hosting platform, I was able to configure new sub-domains. "" is gone and now redirects to "". This has an important implication for the minguo American and English-speaking community: what used to be the "USA Realm at minguo" looses its exclusive focus on the USA. All the US-centric content remains and you are still welcome to continue develop it. However, we wanted to make clear that any English-speaking person, whether from the US or not, was welcome. Polls about UK politics are now as welcome as those regarding other English-speaking countries (Canada, Ireland, Australia, India, etc.).