Parallel Elections Calculator

I just received in my mail a link to the following web site:
It is a nicely designed comparison of Plurality and Condorcet voting methods using apparently trivial polls like choosing the where to go on vacation and what food to order.

The demonstration relies heavily on javascript. I am still using an older version of Konqueror as my main browser, so at first, I was baffled because I was not seeing what I was supposed to see. I really need to upgrade my system. However, there was no problem with Firefox2.

Back on topic: I used to be a great fan of Condorcet but not anymore. Theoretically, Condorcet is a very fine voting method, but it has a major flaw: if it is ever used in a real elections it is almost certain that computers will be used to tally the votes. I very strongly prefer a simpler election method when pencil and paper are all that is needed to declare a winner. It is a question of transparency of the whole electoral process. You can vote here on your favorite election method.

So, I still favor approval voting or simple Range voting variants like Emocracy.

In any case, I am always happy to meet new people who want to promote fairer election methods. My most pressing question in those moments is: what can we do together to make our common dream a reality?

Thank you Brad for creating the page above.

What do we do next?