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Review of Extended Runoff Voting

The pencil and paper criterion

Many criteria have been proposed to qualify the different properties of various election methods.

I would like to add one in light of fairly recent events: the Pencil and Paper Criterion.

The definition is simple: an election method satisfies this criterion if an election can easily be held (i.e. votes cast and tallied) without the use of any electronic device, beyond, possibly, a simple pocket calculator to make additions.

Parallel Elections Calculator

I just received in my mail a link to the following web site:
It is a nicely designed comparison of Plurality and Condorcet voting methods using apparently trivial polls like choosing the where to go on vacation and what food to order.

Taiwan legislative elections and referendum

Copy of an email I sent to the EM list.


Jan asked me to post here my comments about the Taiwan Legislative
elections last Saturday.

I assume that the interested reader knows at least the basics about
Taiwan politics, so I won't explain much that can be found on

Also, is a good source of information in
Post election issue:

For those interested, I will create (in Chinese) (link will become active in a couple of

They are not Wikipedia

Wikipedia is a great source of information on general topics. However, it has largely been criticized for its inability to value and incorporate expert opinion. Also, wikipedia can be the worst source of information on some controversial topics. On such topics, I usually learn more from the talk pages than from the article itself.

As a result, some web sites are being created that present themselves as an alternative to wikipedia, trying to avoid the big sister's pitfalls.

One such alternative is the Encyclopedia of Earth: .

Join the USA Free Association

In the FA/DP discussion group, I posted the following comment:

On Thursday 01 November 2007 10:47, Abd ul-Rahman Lomax wrote:
> is an FA/DP organization or has at least endorsed
> the concept, and does have a DP engine in place.

Thank you Adb for the reference.

raphfrk: please join the USA FA/DP at .
Later, when the USA FA is well developed and we have several interested Irish members, we can create an Irish FA/DP within, too.

Improved support for anonymous votes & plans for community polls.


This entry is about a small step in a wider effort to improve the handling of both personal polls and community polls.

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