How you can help

Several people have sent me emails showing their interest in this project.

I am replying here collectively to all those who would like to help.

Things you only need to do once:

  1. Cast your ballot in some featured polls:
  2. Register at the site: you can then create your own polls, and vote in the members-only polls.
  3. Most importantly: chose a proxy: your proxy will represent you when you are too busy to visit the site. You can come back to the site once a month, check how the proxy has voted for you, possibly change some votes and even change proxy.

What more can you do?

  • Invite people to vote in the polls listed above. (no registration is required)
  • Add a link in your site, in your blog, or in any relevant forum you are a member of.
  • Visit the site once or twice a month to check out new polls, see how your proxy voted, change votes, proxy, etc.

Thank you for your participation.


Thanks for all your hard work

Marnia Robinson